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Last updated: 4th July 05

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Natural Selection Map.
Natural Selection is a modification for Half life
Go to the natural selection home page for more details.
Some preview shots of the map are avaliable here


I am not currently working on mapping at the moment but you can download the beta maps i made. and

Co_eventhorizon is based on the film Event Horizon. See here for some actual screenshots of the film, which i used to make the map from.

If you have any comments or questions you can email me here.



Half life Rally Maps.

Half life Rally is another modification for Half life.
Go to the half life Rally homepage for more details


You can head over to my friends pages and download some cool FREE stuff.

Wallpaper Master - Wallpaper Master is a wallpaper changer and manager. It will automatically change your wallpaper depending on a number of settings.

Yahtzee Master - Yahtzee is a highly popular and addictive dice game, and it is played in many countries around the world.
Although it is a simple game to learn, it hides a complicated mathematical complexity, and has long been considered mathematically unsolvable.
Yahtzee is also know as Kniffel, Quintzee, Omniscore and Yaht.